2019 Cyclo-Cross European Championships
  • An unbeatable Van der Poel becomes European Champion in Silvelle

    Among the mud and the crowds, the Flying Dutchman claims his third consecutive European Elite Championship in Silvelle. Eva Lechner nails an outstanding second place, as Kastelijn takes the European title. The Netherlands sweeps the medal stand, with four titles out of six

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Silvelle di Trebaseleghe (Padua, Italy) will host the 2019 Cyclo-Cross European Championships:
join the beautiful land of Venice!

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20 years later, another Nys wins in Silvelle

Twenty years after the triumph of Sven Nys in Silvelle, his son Thibau took the Junior European title after an exciting head-to-head with fellow Belgian Michels The generations change but the Nys family is destined to...

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