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Radicchio Road: three itineraries to discover the Veneto-rooted “red gold”

One road, three itineraries, a leitmotif: Radicchio Rosso di Treviso (red Trevisano radicchio) and Variegato di Castelfranco Veneto are a meeting point among territory and product, art, history, traditions, wine and food. The production area of red radicchio is among the lushest landscape in Pianura Padana considering the glimpse over Sile river where history and culture meet.

The project “Strada del Radicchio” (Radicchio Road) is designed by the association of the same name and develops through three different theme-based itineraries:

  • THE WATER CIVILIZATION FROM TREVISO TO CASTELFRANCO – Treviso is the starting point to discover Radicchio Rosso as this vegetable gradually took roots as a local culinary product. After Treviso, you follow the Sile course to reach Parco a Villa Letizia, the milling areas in Quinto di Treviso, then Oasi Naturalistica del Mulino Cervara. You keep following the river until Risorgive area and then you will be heading to Castelfranco Veneto, surrounded by beautiful crenellated city walls and the medieval irrigation network.
  • THE LANDS OF TREVISANO RADICCHIO – The second Radicchio Road itinerary starts just from Castelfranco Veneto: you immediately reach Piombino Dese with Villa Cornaro designed by Andrea Palladio and you will be along the central production area of Trevisano Red Radicchio, then through the area of Trebaselghe and Rio San Martino where every year “Festa del Radicchio” takes place to celebrate it, and Scorzé with Villa Soranzo-Conestabile (XVI century). In the municipality country towards Treviso, you will notice Villa Guidini where the Consorzio per la Tutela del Radicchio Rosso headquarter is. Now, you will be heading to Preganziol and Casier (North-East). From Casier to Treviso there is a short distance, however a change in direction allows you to visit interesting monuments like Villa Avogadro degli Azzoni (XVI century) and Villa Tiepolo-Passi (XVII century).
  • THE VENETO COUNTRY FROM ROMAN TIME TO LA SERENISSIMA – The Southern itinerary along “Radicchio Road” starts from Treviso and then goes along Terraglio trhough amazing villas and gardens like Villa Marcello-Lin, Villa Condulmer, Villa Furlanis and Villa Grazia, the latter was King Vittorio Emanuele III residence. Keep on going West to reach Martellago and Salzano to visit San Pio X Museum. In Mirano you will have the chance to visit Villa Belvedere and Dhome dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo hosting Giambattista Tiepolo work of art. By getting to Zianigo you will enter the most preserved area of the Roman Centuriation, the impressive subdivision of agrarian land whereas in Noale you will discover the original city planning architecture with towers, castles and villages from the XII century. Then Massenzago, Camposampiero, ancient Roman colony on via Aurelia. At this point, Loreggia and Piombino Dese merge the third itinerary to the second one.
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