2019 Cyclo-Cross European Championships

Smooth handover between Netherlands and Silvelle is a done deal

After the official ceremony at ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the 2019 Cyclo-Cross European Championships in Veneto has began its journey. Zamprogna: “We are going to face a year of hard work”

A wonderful day with at least 15.000 people celebrated the 2018 Cyclo-cross European Championships showdown in Rosmalen (Netherlands), in ‘s-Hertobenbosch nearby. The successful organization of the 2018 edition opened the doors to Silvelle di Trebaseleghe, that will bring back the main cyclo-cross European competition in Italy next year. Silvelle ’19 organizing committee promoted its event in the Dutch weekend with an official presentation and an info point to give out any detail about the competitions and the touristic locations in the land of Venice.

With the symbolic handover from Mieke Geeraedts, President of ‘s-Hertogenbosch ’18, to Mauro Zamprogna, Silvelle ’19 Technical Director, the 2019 CX European Championships in Italy has officially started with the UEC flag delivered by the UEC President Rocco Cattaneo.

Congratulations to the UEC and the Dutch organizers – Zamprogna said. – it was an amazing edition of the European Champs. We had a very fruitful experience to deepen some organizing aspects and get in touch with many people. We come back home with a lot of motivation, aware of the hard task that lies ahead, but aiming to make Italy and Veneto proud host of the event. This is going to be an intense year of work“.

PhotoThe symbolic handover from”‘s-Hertogenbosch ’18” to “Silvelle ’19” (Credits: Bettini Photo)